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ESI and PF Registrations In Hyderabad

Provident Fund (PF) is a savings fund that gets accumulated during the employment tenure of an employees. EPFO or the Employee Provident Fund Organization is the regulatory authority for EPF. An Establishment or business is mandatorily required to obtain EIN No. if total employee strength is 20 or more. The total strength of employee Includes contractors or temporary employees like housekeeping staff, daily wage worker security or other temporary workers in the business.

Employer’s’ State Insurance (ESI) is governed by the Employer’s State Insurance Act, 1948. It is a self-financed social security scheme designed to protect employees covered under the ESI act. Employees of an eligible organization are protected against financial distress arising out of sickness, disablement, and death due to employment injury. 

Frequently Asked Questions

ESI is compulsory for companies or business which has 10 or more workers before it was 20 later it was revised to 10. ESI contribution is needed for all the employees whose earning is less than Rs. 21,000/month.

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